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Finding Her Place Among the Flowers

Inspired by Wendell Berry's philosophy, Morgan Sharpe, founder and operator of Creekside Flower Farm, has developed a sanctuary to connect to the land and celebrate the beauty of nature with her community.


Community Spotlight: Creekside Flower Farm's Spring Plant Festival

April 13-14, 10 AM - 3 PM 5549 North Marble Top Rd. Chickamauga, GA 30707

Entry Fee: $5 per car, or free with online purchase


In the quiet moments before the sun fully emerges over the hills of Chickamauga, Georgia, mist blankets the rows of flowers at Creekside Flower Farm. Morgan Sharpe, amidst the chorus of early birds, starts her day by watering the flowers. The air is rich with the scent of fresh earth and blossoms, a fragrant reminder of the life that was here before the farm.

Morgan Sharpe, Owner of Creekside Flower Farm near Chattanooga TN

Moving through the garden, Morgan's hands brush the delicate petals, embodying a sense of peace that harmonizes with the gentle breeze. The connection between farmer and flowers deepens with every step, a bond nurtured from a single seed. As she begins the day, the landscape comes alive with butterflies and buzzing bees, forming a thriving ecosystem.

"I believe we all have an appetite for beauty. It's not just a luxury; it's a need, feeding a part of us that isn't physical—it's our souls, our hearts, or our minds. Beauty is essential to being human."

Nestled in Walker County, Creekside Flower Farm is a sanctuary of seasonal blooms. The day at Creekside Flower Farm begins with a promise of beauty, growth, and connection, a testament to Morgan's passion and dedication to the land.

Flowers at Creekside Flower Farm near Chattanooga TN

Morgan Sharpe’s journey to becoming the owner and operator of Creekside Flower Farm is steeped in the search for belonging and the love of natural beauty. Having traversed landscapes from New Jersey to Nicaragua, Morgan’s younger years were marked by a nomadic lifestyle, one that imparted a deep sense of 'placelessness' that she would later seek to fill through the cultivation of land.

Inspired by Wendell Berry's philosophy of becoming rooted in the land, Morgan found her calling in flower farming. "Wendell Berry's words inspired me to connect with the land and the community, to find where I belong through the act of growing and sharing beauty," she explains.

A row of flowers at Creekside Flower Farm near Chattanooga TN

At Creekside Flower Farm, Morgan isn't just growing flowers; she’s cultivating a sense of place. Morgan’s work with the soil and her community is a living expression of Berry’s philosophy—that to know your place in the world is to know yourself.

Her transition from psychology graduate to farmer-florist was fueled by a desire to cultivate beauty and connect people with the land. "We all have an appetite for beauty—it's a fundamental need, just like food. Flowers, with their natural beauty, fulfill that need," Morgan adds.

"Starting Creekside Flower Farm was my way of 'becoming placed'. Wendell Berry's words inspired me to connect with the land and the community, to find where I belong through the act of growing and sharing beauty."


Despite her initial lack of farming experience, Morgan's determination led her to start Creekside Flower Farm, initially navigating through trial and error. "I knew nothing about farming or business jumping into this," she recalls with a laugh. "But it's been a journey of growth and learning, embracing the wonders and challenges of nature."

Today, Creekside Flower Farm caters to florists seeking fresh, local blossoms and couples desiring bespoke floral arrangements for weddings. A forthcoming feature is the 'Pick Your Own Flowers' experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the farm's beauty.

"There's power in place, in connecting with the land. This connection is not something you can put a price on or easily describe. It's a profound sense of gratitude, a deep-rootedness that I gain from working this land."

As Creekside Flower Farm hums with life, Morgan's vision of sharing this sanctuary with others blooms. "There's power in place," she emphasizes. "We've lost that connection to the land through constant movement. But here, in this sanctuary, there's a place to connect and find beauty."

Ferns at Creekside Flower Farm near Chattanooga TN

Highlighting the farm’s community integration is the Spring Plant Festival, set for April 13th and 14th, from 10 AM to 3 PM, at 5549 North Marble Top Rd. Admission to the festival is free with any online purchase from the farm's shop.

For Morgan, Creekside Flower Farm isn't just a business—it's a manifestation of beauty, belonging, and being grounded.

The Creekside Flower Farm Team near Chattanooga TN

For more information about Creekside Flower Farm, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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