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Rock City Seasons Take Center Stage

Rock City recently announced a new lineup for 2024, Rock City Seasons, representing four distinct themed seasons: Spring Blooms, Mountaintop Summers, Fall Colors, and HoliDAYS.

Rock City Seasons replaces the events Shamrock City, EarthDayz, Southern Blooms Festival, Summer Music Weekends, and Rocktoberfest. However, the Enchanted Garden of Lights remains.  The seasonal lineup begins with Spring Blooms, where guests can soak in the sunshine and colorful array of spring décor and the garden’s fabulous art installations from March 4 to May 12. 

“Our hope with highlighting the seasons versus special events is not at all to diminish the kind of enhancements we have offered during our previous weekend-only events, but instead offer the enhancements folks love every day of the season,”

See Rock City Inc. President & CEO, Doug Chapin

Rock City is also excited to host a first-of-its-kind nighttime soirée, Rock City Nights: Flora Luna. With culinary, gardens, and art intertwined, the attraction’s first food & drink event offers a unique dining experience in a low-light garden environment. From April 5 to May 12, wine and dine in the gardens at twilight and be one of the first to cross the Swing-A-Long Bridge at night! Tickets go live on March 1. Check here for updates:

Looking for the perfect summer adventure? Rock City’s Mountaintop Summers is just the place to be! From May 24 to Sept. 2, wind through cool corridors of stone and beat the heat with a refreshing beverage while taking in a seven-state view! As always, the Rock City Raptors birds of prey shows are a sight to see, as some of nature’s most incredible birds soar overhead in this immersive educational program. 

See the gardens and the Chattanooga Valley in full autumn splendor during Rock City’s Fall Colors from Sept. 14 to Nov. 8. Pumpkins, haybale vignettes, and other seasonal decorations throughout the trail provide a picture-perfect backdrop for fall family photos. Guest-favorite banjo player Matt Downer is sure to amaze guests of all ages during one of Rock City’s most popular seasons. 

Rock City’s HoliDAYS is the daytime complement to the nightly Enchanted Garden of Lights. Featuring festive natural decorations, HoliDAYS provides a unique Christmas experience for daytime guests from Nov. 22 to Jan. 4. 

“This programming change gives us the opportunity to showcase Rock City during the day in a new way that celebrates the seasons and all the uniqueness and ever-changing qualities of the gardens in winter, spring, summer, and fall,”

Will Jackson, Rock City’s senior manager of innovation

Rock City is one of the South’s most popular natural attractions. Known for its unique geological and botanical wonders, the enchanted 4,100-foot walking trail is a true marvel of nature, featuring massive ancient rock formations, a large waterfall that cascades down Lookout Mountain, and the Swing-A-Long Bridge that spans nearly 200 feet.

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