Participate to help Perry's Promise!!

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This is the link for the campaign that Healthy Paws is doing for Perry's Promise, and Walker County!  We are so excited  that they picked our small nonprofit in Walker County  as one of only five selected in the country!  The campaign is free to participate. People, nation-wide just click the link to say they're going to spend 60 minutes with their pet on Black Friday, and they get to upload a picture of their pet!  The parent company is donating $10 every time someone participates. The cap is $30,000, to be split between the five, small organizations that they have selected around the country. On November 27th, they will send us a check for $6,000! Walker County really needs this!

The campaign runs from November 9th to November 27th. Thank you so much for being willing to share this! This will be huge for Walker County!  A lot of people that come to enjoy our beautiful outdoors, also bring their pets. So this is great press for Walker County!

Here is the link: