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September - May of each year (1 day per month)

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Join the ranks of the area’s community leaders by participating in Leadership Walker County. This program is a collaborative effort between the Chamber, its members and county & city officials to educate participants on local issues and develop effective leadership skills. From local governments, non-profits, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing, the program highlights a wide array of topics throughout Walker County.

Annual deadline for applications is August 31. For more information, contact the Chamber office at (706) 375-7702 or email [email protected]

"This was one of the best experiences I had not only to meet new people, but to connect in such a way that we still work and do business together within our community 20+ years later.

This is such a great program that I believe every business should be involved in some way and any person that wants to grow their knowledge of our community and how it works.  Thanks to Walker County Chamber for making this class a success year after year!"

Lisa Heyer, Better Homes & Gardens - Jackson Realty

"As someone who was fairly new to the community, I was thrilled for the opportunity to participate in the 2018-2019 Leadership Walker County cohort.  The program opened my eyes to the culture and community of Walker County, as well as provided me an opportunity to meet tons of wonderful people and establish lasting relationships within the cohort.  The professional and personal benefits of the program are countless."

Rev. Ashley R. Mew | Senior Pastor | Gordon Lake Wesleyan Church
"In our Leadership network I was able to find genuine people who wanted to speak candidly about the challenges and opportunities that were before our community.  I believe that if your mindset is to better your community through what you do all day every day, then attending Walker Leadership is a huge step to make what you do all day every day even more meaningful."
W. Jack Sells,  Arrow Exchange Tax Solutions 


Are you ready to gain a broader understanding of the issues facing our community?  Are you prepared to use the information and skills you will gain from this experience to become a leader in the community? If so, then Leadership Walker County may be a good fit for you. This 9-month program gives participants a first-hand look at operations of city and county governments, the educational systems, and public safety, as well as local businesses in the agricultural, manufacturing, tourism and non-profit sectors. Space is limited, so reserve your spot in the next class today!


Are you a business professional who would like to develop your leadership skills? This program gives you a network of 20+ colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and industries throughout the county. Each month will feature a one-day tour during which your class will examine a local issue and discuss their observations as a group. The Leadership Walker County class kicks off with a bonding retreat held in September at Camp New Dawn.

Service Project:

​During your experience, it will be a requirement for the class to complete a project.  You and your fellow peers will have ample opportunity to discuss various ideas of how your class can complete a project that affects many sectors of our community.  The Class Project is designed to be both beneficial and fun for the community and your class.  You and members of your class will be responsible for coordinating all events with the chosen Class Project.  And of course, you are allowed and encouraged to involve the community in your efforts to complete the Project.


The following commitments must be made by each participating individual to ensure the best experience for Leadership Walker County:

  • Attend at least seven (7) meetings/events throughout the course of the year
  • Complete a class project
  • Keep a ‘team player’ attitude throughout the entire experience
  • Honor the financial commitment made by you or your company

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The fee for the class is $350 for Chamber members and $400 for non- members. (A limited number of scholarships are also available, thanks to the generosity of local companies such as Flegal Insurance.) The cost includes breakfast & lunch during the field trips, as well as transportation to all locations including the Capitol Building, and a complimentary lunch at the Chamber’s Leadership Walker County graduation in May.

The following are benefits shared by past participants:

  • Build a strong sense of community pride
  • Build strong, lifelong, personal relationships
  • Create opportunities for future leadership possibilities
  • Interaction with classmates
  • Meet local and state leaders
  • Opportunity to network and create personal and business contacts
  • Serve the community through the completion of a class project
  • Tour governmental agencies at the state and local levels

Sample tours include:

Rock City

The Capitol Building

Martin Davis House

Sheriff’s Department

Mayor’s Office

Commissioner’s Office

School Superintendent’s Office

Barwick Airport

Roper Corporation

Walker County DFCS

and more…