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Chamber Leadership

Welcome to the Walker County Chamber of Commerce, your gateway to business growth, community development, and economic vitality in Walker County, Georgia. Our Chamber is led by a dedicated team of local leaders committed to fostering a thriving business environment and enhancing the quality of life for all our residents. Dive into the introductions below to learn more about our leadership team, their backgrounds, and how their vision and dedication are driving positive change and opportunities in Walker County.

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Board Members

Executive Board

  • Chair - Ashley Mew (Gordon Lake Wesleyan Church)

  • Past Chair - Cindy Scoggins (The Bank of LaFayette)

  • Vice Chair - Laura Beth Newsom (Walker Family Connection)

  • Chair-Elect - Elijah Parker (Peach State Federal Credit Union)

  • Treasurer - Marcy Kernea (Ringgold Telephone Company)

  • Secretary - Luther Ingram (Roper)

General Board

  • Rob Looney

  • Meagan Jolly

  • Jack Sells

  • Evitte Parrish

  • Rob Stiles

  • Justin Carruth

Executive Board

General Board

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