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West Armuchee Creek

A pristine creek offering a rich fishing experience.

West Armuchee Creek in the John‘s Mountain WMA features redeye bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, shadow bass, warmouth and rainbow trout. There is no boat ramp, but there is parking and bank fishing in this area.

Nature's Fishing Haven


9 Lake Marvin Road Northeast, Armuchee, GA, USA

Creek Features

Discover the serene beauty of West Armuchee Creek, where the gentle flow of water creates a tranquil ambiance. Ideal for fishing or simply unwinding by the banks, this creek offers a peaceful retreat from the everyday hustle. Let nature's symphony serenade you as you immerse yourself in this pristine environment.

West Armuchee Creek's clear waters are home to a variety of fish, making it a top spot for anglers. The creek's flowing waters and natural surroundings offer a peaceful fishing environment.

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