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Walker Rocks Mural

An interactive artistic masterpiece inviting you to step into the action

Unveiled in August 2023, The Walker Rocks Mural brings together our community's spirit, artistic flair, and commitment to tourism

Arts & Culture

108 E Villanow St, LaFayette, GA 30728, USA

Embark On A Journey

In the heart of LaFayette, the grand Courthouse Annex II boasts a 90-foot wide and 15-foot tall canvas that pulsates with life, thanks to the brilliant work of local artist Jonathan Bidwell.

But there's the twist—this mural invites you in. Step into specific spots, and you become part of the masterpiece.

As you approach the mural, you'll find three tourism-centric visuals:
1 - A daring rock climber navigating the towering terrains.
2 - A kayaker elegantly slicing through serene waters.
3 - A picturesque waterfall that beckons visitors to step into its tranquil beauty.

Binding these distinctive scenes together is the emblematic Walker Rocks logo, symbolizing the heart and soul of our county's vibrant tourism offerings.

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