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Tennessee Valley Railroad

Step back in time on this historic railroad journey.

Take a trip back in time to a slower-paced era when railroad travel was a way of life. Relive the romance of the rails when vintage trains provided an escape from the everyday routine. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum provides an interactive, historical experience that adds an extra dimension to your visit to Chattanooga’s popular attractions. Here you will find the only regularly scheduled, full-sized train ride in Tennessee. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is so much more than entertainment… It is your chance to experience the sights and sounds of yesteryear!

All Aboard the History Train!

Family Fun

4119 Cromwell Rd, Chattanooga, TN, USA

Historic Rides

Step back in time with the Tennessee Valley Railroad, where the romance of old-world travel meets the thrill of adventure. Journey through scenic landscapes, cross historic bridges, and relive the golden age of rail travel. Each ride is a nostalgic voyage, a reminder of a time when travel was an art.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad offers visitors a unique opportunity to relive the golden age of railroading and experience the thrill of a bygone era. With meticulously restored locomotives and carriages, each ride is a journey through history.

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