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A climber's paradise with sandstone boulders and scenic beauty.

Within the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Rocktown is popular among rock climbers in the Appalachian Plateau region. Years of geological activity and natural development formed these acres of rock. These changes in the earth created a unique opportunity for rock climbing and bouldering for beginners and experts.

Ascend Nature's Masterpiece

Caving & Climbing

3440 Chamberlain Rd, LaFayette, GA, USA

Bouldering Bliss

Stand atop the ancient sandstone formations of Rocktown and feel the exhilaration of nature's grandeur. These natural sculptures, carved by time, offer climbers and hikers a playground like no other. With panoramic views and trails that challenge and delight, Rocktown is a testament to the raw beauty of Walker County.

From challenging routes for seasoned climbers to beginner-friendly rocks, Rocktown offers a diverse climbing experience. Rocktown presents a playground for climbers, with its vast array of sandstone boulders set against the backdrop of Georgia's stunning landscapes.

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