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John Ross Commons

A community fishing spot with abundant aquatic life.

John Ross Commons is a beautiful green space featuring a water feature, pond, walking track, picnic tables, and the historic John Ross House. On a good weather day, you can sit by the pond, relax, and watch as flocks of ducks and geese swim about the pond. The pond is open for fishing on the last Saturday of each month, from sunrise until sunset. All minors (18 & younger) must be accompanied by an adult to fish.

Fishing in the Heart of the Community


218 Andrews Street, Rossville, GA, USA

Commons Highlights

John Ross Commons is more than just a place; it's a testament to history and community. Wander through and feel the echoes of the past, while enjoying the present-day amenities and green spaces. A perfect blend of history and recreation awaits every visitor.

John Ross Commons offers locals and visitors alike a chance to indulge in their fishing passion. With well-maintained surroundings and a variety of fish, it's a favorite among anglers.

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