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Gordon-Lee Mansion

A beautifully preserved mansion that offers a journey into the antebellum South.

The beautiful and historic Gordon-Lee Mansion, one of the South’s grand dames of antebellum beauty, was built in 1847 by James Gordon and is located in the charming town of Chickamauga. Set on seven manicured acres, lined with elms and maples, with formal English and Southern vegetable gardens, the Mansion is the only structure left standing that was used during the Battle of Chickamauga. The house has been meticulously restored to its prior splendor. Museum quality period antiques, oriental floor coverings, and crystal and brass chandeliers ensure its authenticity. Weddings and special events become magical affairs when held in this treasure from the past.

Elegance of the Past


217 Cove Rd, Chickamauga, GA 30707, USA

Mansion Tours

Experience the grandeur of the antebellum South at the Gordon-Lee Mansion. With its stately architecture and period furnishings, it offers a journey into a world of elegance and history. Wander through its rooms, explore the grounds, and let the tales of the past captivate you.

The Gordon-Lee Mansion showcases the grandeur and lifestyle of the pre-Civil War South. Delve into the history, architecture, and stories that define the Gordon-Lee legacy.

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