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Frick's Cave

A protected haven for rare species and a caving marvel.

Frick’s Cave remains a preserved and protected site, owned by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy. Roughly 10,000 endangered gray bats make their summer home here. The cave opens once a year in the winter when the bats are gone, to allow SCCi members and their guests entry into this site. In September, SCCi hosts the Bats, Beer & Bluegrass event at Frick’s Cave to raise funds. The event offers the opportunity to see the bats leave the cave at dusk.

Nature's Sanctuary Underground

Caving & Climbing

3440 Chamberlain Road, LaFayette, GA, USA

Conservation First

Frick's Cave is not just a cave; it's a testament to nature's mysterious beauty. Home to a rare species of bats, this cave offers a unique blend of natural wonder and ecological significance. As you traverse its chambers, let the cool air and mesmerizing formations captivate your senses. A visit to Frick's Cave is a journey into a world untouched by time.

While the cave is a marvel to explore, it's also a protected site. Visits are limited to ensure the safety of its delicate ecosystem. Frick's Cave is not just a geological wonder but also a vital habitat for the endangered gray bat and the Eastern Pipistrelle. Experience the magic of this cave while treading lightly.

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