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Ellison's Cave

One of the world's most dangerous and intricate vertical caves.

Ellison’s Cave features the Fantastic Pit, the deepest (586 feet) unobstructed underground cave in the United States. One of the most advanced and dangerous cave systems, Ellison's Cave runs 12 miles long and 1,063 feet deep. It is the 12th deepest cave in the country.

This cave is NOT for beginners.

Address Withheld

Caving & Climbing

10052 US Hwy 27, Rock Spring, GA 30739, USA

Due to safety concerns associated with the experience needed to explore this cave, the exact location has been withheld.

Deep into the wonders of Ellison's Cave, a subterranean world offers intricate passageways and formations.

As the deepest, unobstructed underground pitch in the continental US, Ellison's Cave is a unique caving experience with its massive pits and passages.

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