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Coke Ovens Park

A historical site turned nature reserve, showcasing Walker County's rich heritage.

The fascinating Chickamauga coke ovens are just north of downtown Chickamauga on Highway 341. During the mid-1800s, the beehive ovens of the Durham Iron and Coal Company were designed to turn coal into coke for use in the iron and steel foundries in nearby Chattanooga, Tenn. During the Depression years, the coal was depleted and the ovens abandoned. In the late 1990s, the unique coke oven area was restored to its original appearance with train cars and the actual beehive ovens. Wetland demonstration ponds were created and the area transformed into a serene park. Each September the Ovens host an arts and crafts festival, held in conjunction with the War Between the States Day.

From Industry to Nature


36 State Route 223, Chickamauga, GA, USA

Ovens and Origins

Delve into history and nature at Coke Ovens Park. Once a site of industry, now a testament to nature's resilience and beauty. Wander through trails, discover remnants of the past, and let the park's story unfold with every step.

Coke Ovens Park, once a bustling industrial site, is now a serene park where history and nature coexist. The remnants of the old coke ovens tell a tale of the region's industrial past, while the surrounding greenery speaks of nature's resilience.

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