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Chief John Ross House

The historic residence of the Cherokee Chief, a window into the past.

The Chief John Ross House is a memorial to the man who is considered by many to be the greatest chief of the Cherokee Nation. Although only one-eighth Cherokee, he was devoted to his nation and served as Principal Chief from 1828 to his death in 1866. Chief Ross fought valiantly against the removal of his people from Georgia and surrounding states by the United States government. Ultimately, he led the Cherokees on the tragic Trail of Tears journey to Oklahoma in 1838. This fascinating tribute to Chief John Ross’ life and accomplishments is located at Andrews & East Lake Avenue in Rossville and can be viewed by appointment only.

A Glimpse into Cherokee History


200 E Lake Ave, Rossville, GA 30741, USA

Chief's Legacy

Step into the pages of history at the Chief John Ross House. The ancestral home of the Cherokee leader, this site offers a poignant glimpse into the past. Explore the house, learn about the legacy of Chief Ross, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history that adorns every corner.

As the home of the Cherokee Chief, this historic site offers insights into the life and times of Chief John Ross. The Chief John Ross House stands as a reminder of the rich Cherokee heritage and the tumultuous Trail of Tears.

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