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Chattooga Academy

A historic school that played a significant role in the region's education.

It is the year of 1863. Beneath a towering oak tree in front of a grand building, Confederate General Braxton Bragg paces as he prepares for the battle of Chickamauga. (The tree, later known as Bragg’s Oak, was destroyed during a storm in the 1920s.) Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Chattooga Academy is yours to discover as you listen for echoes of a tumultuous past.

Foundations of Education


208 N Main St, LaFayette, GA 30728, USA

Academy Insights

Discover the historic charm of Chattooga Academy, a site that has witnessed significant moments in history. As you explore its halls, feel the echoes of the past and the weight of its significance. A blend of education and history, the academy is a testament to the region's rich heritage.

Chattooga Academy stands as a testament to the early educational endeavors in Walker County. Discover the academy's role in shaping the region's educational landscape and its historic significance.

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