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Chattahoochee National Forest - John's Mountain

A vast expanse of nature's beauty, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

For great hiking, fishing, seasonal hunting and camping, John’s Mountain Wildlife Management Area is a 24,849-acre property, part of the Chattahoochee National Forest. There are many spots to set up camp or park your camper/RV at the Pocket Campground. Hikers can explore Keown Falls Trail and Pinhoti Trail Loop.

Nature's Majestic Canvas

Hiking, Camping, Wildlife Viewing

9 Lake Marvin Rd NE, Armuchee, GA, USA

Trails and Treks

Dive into the lush embrace of the Chattahoochee National Forest. A mosaic of dense woods, glistening streams, and diverse wildlife, it's a sanctuary for nature lovers. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply basking in its beauty, the forest offers an escape from the mundane and a journey into the wild.

From gentle walks to challenging hikes, there's a trail for everyone, each offering its own unique view of the forest's beauty. The Chattahoochee National Forest offers endless trails, campsites, and wildlife viewing opportunities in a pristine environment.

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