Caving & Climbing

in Walker County, Georgia

For adventure seekers and explorers, Walker County’s caves and climbing areas are second to none. Some of the most popular spots include Pettyjohn’s Cave, Ellison’s Cave and Rock Town. Experience levels range from novice to highly advanced.

There are roughly 200 caves in Walker County. You can take a guided tour with an expert or venture into the void on your own. Here are some of our favorites:

Pettyjohn’s Cave

Located on the east side of Pigeon Mountain, Pettyjohn’s Cave contains 6.5 miles of underground trails within Pigeon Mountain and measures 31,490 feet long. The cave reaches a depth of 235 feet and contains many rooms, including the Echo Room. To get to the Echo Room, you must crawl through the Worm Tube, a 150 foot passageway that forces cavers to crawl on their hands and knees.

Ellison’s Cave

Ellison’s Cave features the Fantastic Pit, the deepest (586 feet) unobstructed underground cave in the United States. While this is one of the most popular caving locations in the country, it is also one of the most advanced. The cave runs 12 miles long and 1,063 feet deep. It is the 12th deepest cave in the country.

Frick’s Cave

Frick’s Cave remains a preserved and protected site, owned by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy. Roughly 10,000 endangered gray bats make their summer home here. The cave opens once a year in the winter when the bats are gone, to allow SCCi members and their guest entry into this site. In September, SCCi hosts the Bats, Beer & Bluegrass event at Frick’s Cave to raise funds. The event offers the opportunity to see the bats leave the cave at dusk.


Located within the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Rocktown is a popular location for rock climbers in the Appalachian Plateau region. Years of geological activity and natural development formed these acres of rock. These changes in the earth created a unique opportunity for rock climbing and bouldering for beginners and experts alike.

The Lost Wall*

Prepare to be amazed by this mythical, massive rock wall, once thought to be just a local lore. You’ll marvel at this incredible structure, which features wide chimneys, a waterfall and potentially prehistoric area. Over 100 points have been mapped out along the Lost Wall, including locations dubbed “Maybe Not,” “Refrigerator Crack,” “Revenge of the Jedi” and “Frolicland.” You can find the Lost Wall to the west of Pettyjohns Cave, off of Rocky Lane.

*While there is no admission price for exploring the management area, a Go Outdoors Georgia Hunting, Fishing or Lands Pass license is required for most age groups.

Georgia residents can purchase a one day Hunting/Fishing combo online for $5 (this is the cheapest option if you plan to partake in outdoor recreation on WMA property, even if you don’t plan to hunt or fish)

If you just plan to look at wildflowers or access the horse, bike, caving, hiking, rock climbing, parasailing and hang-gliding trails, and you want to make several visits throughout the year, residents can purchase an annual Lands Pass online for $30. The price is $60 for non-residents.